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Hamza: The Money ShotThe Scum – Hook and a hooker: Hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza cheated on his first wife with a HOOKER, The Sun can reveal. And it was the fall-out from his fling that transformed terrorist “recruiting sergeant” Hamza – jailed for seven years yesterday – into a religious fanatic… A former pal told how Abu Hamza had a fling with a hooker behind his first wife’s back – and said: “He certainly had an eye for the women.”

So it’s not enough that he’s been jailed for seven years for inciting murder and race hate… now he has to be a sex-beast, too?

Even better, now that Hamza has – quite rightly – been jailed for hateful preaching, the Scum are going all-out to show that this proves that everything they ever said about him and/or terror plots in the UK is true. From the plan to bomb Big Ben to the ricin plot to Hamza’s disgraceful use of taxpayer’s money to fund his menacing collection of hooks.

The Scum – Bin Laden’s British HQ: HATE-filled Abu Hamza turned the mosque where he held court into Osama Bin Laden’s British HQ, The Sun can reveal. The preacher – caged for seven years yesterday – was at the centre of a web of evil that stretched around the world. Killers linked to his stomping ground – the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London – have claimed more than 3,100 lives.

Make no mistake; religious extremists attending a meeting held by an extremist preacher proves once and for all that the well-organised and all-encompassing al- Qaeda network is real… REAL, I tell you!

The Scum – Justice… what took so long?: SEVEN YEARS for running a viper’s nest of terror linked to every major atrocity from 9/11 to our 7/7. SEVEN YEARS for defiling a holy mosque and turning it into a murderous al-Qaeda training camp. SEVEN YEARS for recruiting impressionable young Muslims, some of whom went on to kill or attempt murder. Evil Abu Hamza connived at mass slaughter. His sentence should be TWICE as long. Yet he will be eligible for parole in just over three years – with more than a year lopped off for his time on remand. This rabid peddler of hate could be free to vote at the next election. The most shocking fact is that Hamza would never be inside at all – but for Sun readers. For three long years, this newspaper has campaigned relentlessly for justice. There was plenty of horrific evidence. In 2003, police raided Finsbury Park mosque, a byword for peddling anti-Western bile. They found a terror manual, blank-firing pistols, CS spray, a stun gun, knives, gas masks, nuclear protective suits and forged passports and driving licences. Police also recorded tapes of his despicable sermons, preaching terrorism, homicidal violence and hatred. The damage, said the judge, was “simply incalculable”. “You used your authority to encourage your audiences to believe it gave rise to a duty to murder,” he said. Yet while Hamza was acting as a recruiting sergeant for Osama bin Laden, police treated him like a harmless pantomime clown. It took TWO more years and the fear of a Twin Towers-style outrage in London to tip police into action. Misguided policy – denounced by our incredulous allies – allowed suspects to stay free so they could be kept under supervision. This licence to roam was exploited by Hamza whose terrorist “sleepers” spread like spores on the wind. Experts fear the cast of potential suicide bombers in Britain has mushroomed. Hamza’s manic lawyer predictably rounded on the jury for turning Hamza into a “martyr” of Islam. To their credit, the Muslim Council of Britain wanted no truck with this rubbish. “Abu Hamza was allowed to bask in the limelight and seemed to relish using inflammatory language,” they said. “We respect the verdicts today.” Hamza now risks extradition to America on more serious charges. No one must stand in the way.

No-one, do you hear me? NO-ONE! For heaven’s sake, if we don’t allow the Americans to have their way with Hamza, the man could VOTE, people! VOTE!


Sadly, there is no Page 3 editorial to back this up. (Rebekah, I am very disappointed in you; you used to be far more shameless.)

There is no denying that Abu Hamza used religion to stir up hatred and fear… all I want to point out is how the Sun has been using Hamza to do exactly the same thing. The only difference is that their bombs are government-funded and laser-guided… and aimed at the wrong country.

If there were any justice, Rebekah Wade would have been jailed for incitement years ago.

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