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Posted by Tim Ireland at 27 February 2006

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BBC – Drugs arrest for George Michael

1. Both the Sun and the Mirror have gone with the inspired headline; ‘Careless Spliffer’… clearly this has something to do with the phenomena of Simultaneous Discovery.

2. Tabloid editors never take drugs. Never ever ever. And if they did, they would almost certainly use them responsibly. They would not, for instance, go on a violent coked-up rampage in London.

3. Murdoch’s paper’s in particular do not have an axe to grind: His 2002 single Shoot The Dog – with a slur about the 9/11 atrocity – sickened many fans. It portrayed Tony Blair as George Bush’s yapping poodle and the two leading statesmen as gay lovers.

4. Disappointingly, today’s Page 3 girl doesn’t spare so much as a single ‘tut’ for George. Instead, Krystle (23, from Manchester) backs new school discipline measures and says: “It’s great parents are to be hauled in for detention. Discipline shouldn’t just be up to teachers.”

Or the police, for that matter. No, for true justice we must turn to the tabloids.


  1. Scaryduck says

    And a superbly insane Sun editorial today: implying that the man accused of murdering his daughter who starved himself to death has somehow evaded justice by slipping off this earthly plane before his trial.Err… he’s dead. That’s pretty final if you ask me.

  2. Manic says

    and we still get to burn him… right?

  3. scotch says

    Ooh scary first comment thing. It’s ‘phenomenon’ (singular).

  4. scotch says

    tim, site owner: I didn’t mean to give a grammar evaluation, please lose that comment.cheersscotch

  5. Manic says

    Relax… I pondered on the use myself and am happy to argue the point on this fine, sunny afternoon….:o)Multiple use is acceptable here because it occurs in multiple ways/fields.

  6. scotch says

    OK. While relaxing I still don’t see it. “the phenomena of Simultaneous Discovery.”Nope. Still phenomenon then.Conceptually I might agree but gramatically I don’t. But it ain’t worth it though is it, what with the Jowell stuff and all. Please can you give her cheek.

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