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BBC – Report probes US custody deaths: Almost 100 prisoners have died in US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan since August 2002, according to US group Human Rights First… The report defines the 34 cases classified as homicides as “caused by intentional or reckless behaviour”. It says another 11 cases have been deemed suspicious and that between eight and 12 prisoners were tortured to death. But despite this, charges are rare and sentences are light, the report says.

Huma Rights First – First Comprehensive Report on Detainee Deaths in U.S. Custody: The result across the board has been to create a culture of impunity, where no one, especially not command, is held fully accountable for detainee deaths… As long as the accountability gap exists, there will be little incentive for military command to correct bad behavior, or for civilian leadership to adopt policies that follow the law. As long as that gap exists, the problem of torture and abuse will remain.

Human Rights First – Command’s Responsibility: Detainee Deaths in U.S. Custody in Iraq and Afghanistan
(executive summary that links to full report)

UPDATE – Don’t they make a lovely couple? (312Kb JPEG – Link via Beau Bo D’Or, who plans to begin blogging shortly and can expect to go on my blogroll almost immediately.)

UPDATE – Ooh, lookie… further reading!

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Meanwhile… (ticktickticktick) – The War With Iran

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