Strange coincidences (#563 in an ongoing series)

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ABC News – Bush: Al Qaeda Wanted to Hit West Coast: President Bush outlined details of a thwarted terror plot to attack the tallest building on the West Coast, saying the plot shows the United States faces a threat from a determined enemy and that global cooperation is needed to stop it.

BBC – Deal struck on US anti-terror law: US Congress members have reached agreement with the Bush administration to extend the life of a controversial anti-terrorist law.

More here… DailyKos – Bush’s Propaganda Alert: Code Red

UPDATE – Independent – LA shoe-bomb plot: Terrorists planned a West Coast 9/11 in 2002: Once again, President George Bush finds himself in deep political trouble. And, once again, he has chosen to invoke the spectre of a terrorist attack on US soil, only to draw immediate suspicion about his motives at the start of what promises to be a long, bruising mid-term election campaign… “Let’s call this what it was,” said Mr Weiss, the Los Angeles city council member. “President Bush is digging out of an extraordinarily large political hole … He’s trying to build support for the NSA [National Security Agency] wiretapping programme and so, to build that support, he dusts off details that are at best three years old, at worst closer to four years old … But this plot was evanescent … and it’s not clear precisely how American assets interrupted the plot. It’s just part of his constant speechifying, to impress upon people what he’s doing in the war on terror.”

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