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When reading this editorial, keep in mind that Sun editor Rebekah Wade (remarkably) holds the same line as Downing Street on the July 7 bombings – i.e. that our misadventure in Iraq did nothing to bring this tragedy to our shores…

The Scum – Time for calm: The disturbing video of British soldiers attacking Iraqi teenagers emerges at a dangerous time for relations between Muslims and the rest of our community. Tensions are high following the Danish cartoons row, the mock suicide bomber at a London demo, and the activities of Abu Hamza. There can be no excuse for the actions of the soldiers. Even though they were under grenade attack they should have shown restraint. Now their mistake could cause a reaction among Muslims here. Plainly, it is time for everyone to demonstrate that great strength of British character – a cool head. Muslims will remember there was little backlash against them after last year’s London bombings. Britons realise only a tiny majority of Muslims are terrorists. Just as only a tiny minority of Muslims dress as suicide bombers or carry placards urging beheadings. Just as only a tiny minority of British soldiers are bullies. Our troops have been heroes in bringing freedom to Iraq, and The Sun will continue to support them. It is unfortunate that at this moment Yorkshire imam Hamid Ali stirs up more trouble by describing the 7/7 attacks as “good”. Most Muslims will judge Hamid Ali to be a bigger idiot than the soldiers who lost control in Iraq. He doesn’t even have the excuse of having dodged a grenade. If he can find “good” in the bloody murder of 52 people – men, women, Muslims and Christians – then he is seriously deranged. The world envies Britain’s stable society. We can keep it that way… So long as everyone – of all faiths and beliefs – remembers that hate only begets hate. Violence only begets violence.

Violence only begets violence you say? So what the hell were we supposed to expect after beating, bombing, shooting, torturing innocent Iraqis… and what role do you think the Iraq adventure plays in combating terror?

Support the troops, you say? By throwing them to the wolves when they behave predictably when mired in a culture of abuse and lawlessness created by their government?

Fuck off, Wade. You’re a traitor, a liar, a hypocrite, and far more dangerous than any Muslim extremist.

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