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The screengrab is real; the face has been removed to protect an innocent youngster.The Policeman’s Blog – More Police Blogs: (T)hese ones won’t be appearing on the sidebar because… well have a look and decide for yourselves. See what happens when Britain’s public sector takes a viable concept (in this case a blog) and adapts it for it’s own purposes. The result is enough to make one kill oneself.

Never Trust a Hippy – They’re all at it now…: Why does this remind me of that scene when Lt Hauk takes over the broadcast in Good Morning Vietnam? “Ho ho ho Frenchy!”

An hour after reading it, I’m still laughing at that comment by Paulie. It’s spot on.

(Here’s a 715Kb MP3 reminder for those who feel they need it.)

PC Copperfield brings the following to our attention:

Official West Yorks PCSO Blogger Mark Dunkley
Official South East Kent Blog

But if you visit Mark ‘Dunker’ Dunkley’s blog, you are also invited to find out ‘what it’s like being special’ over at The Diary of Special Constable 8554 Mary-Ann Ferry.

Awww, they’ve even included her Special number. Bless.

The icing on the cake is the repeated description of the Dunker abortion as a “web blog”… complete with inverted commas.

This development follows a recent attempt to weed out or reign in any independent police bloggers, which led to the retirement of the World Weary Detective.

(I really must thank whoever scraped these monstrosities from the bottom of the bucket; I have to chat with some councillors on Thursday and this has provided me with three excellent examples of What Not To Do.)

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