Tearful Tessa

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BBC – Tessa Jowell splits from husband: Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell and husband David Mills are to separate, it has been revealed. Mr Mills’ lawyer said their marriage had been put under “strain” by the controversy over their finances.

What, so it’s our fault? Again? Tch.

Craig Murray – If Fred and Rosemary West Had Separated, Would That Have Made Them Innocent?: Who could be so stupid as to buy this crap? Well, the BBC has been reporting it all morning without the tiniest touch of irony. Even the saintly Martin Bell was wheeled out to say that Tessa is now out of the woods.


Beau Bo D’Or – Tessa Jowell Separation – A Statement: It is announced today (4th March 2006) that the joint account of Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell and husband David Mills is to separate due to undue speculation on its relationship with several other bank accounts. The joint account is to separate immediately but may take several working days to clear. The two parties formed by the division of the aforementioned account will live separate lives in two non-related banks. Despite this split, it is expected that both separate accounts will still attract very high interest.

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