Tessa Jowell can do no wrong III

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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
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There’s a glorious letter in the Independent today. It makes me want to learn more about the author:

Sir: It gets more like the Colosseum every day. I am increasingly sickened by watching the gutter press behaving like the lions.

Tessa Jowell is my MP, and a very good one. I don’t know enough to condemn her or not but I know that the way certain sections of the Press are handling things is appalling. It’s a kind of torture by media. We’re used to trial by media, but this is different.


UPDATE – A liitle bird tells me that BT has no record of an Emma Hitchcock (nor any E. Hitchcock) living in SE24. Or anywhere in London, for that matter. Electoral rolls, anyone? I simply must know who’s responsible for the glorious spin of ‘torture by media’… such genius deserves to be rewarded.

UPDATE – Electoral rolls from 2001-2006 checked and re-checked, and still no E Hitchcock. I think we have a ringer.

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