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Place your trust in the Master Chefs:

Chicken Yoghurt – I love it when a plan comes together: The thing is, when Geoff Hoon frets that Ministers are being deluged by questions what he means is they are being asked too many questions like, “how many civilians did we cluster bomb today?” and not enough like, “minister, why are you so great?”. I doubt he’d be complaining very much if every question could be answered with a friendly, “everything’s smashing, thanks for asking”. It’s like his recent kite-flying exercise suggesting that the Salisbury Convention (the agreement by which the House of Lords do not vote against legislation that featured in the government’s election manifesto) should become legally binding. If the Lords, and as an advocate of Lords reform I’m writing this with gritted teeth, weren’t doing such a bang up job preventing our New Labour overlords from establishing a junta, I imagine Geoff wouldn’t even have heard of the Salisbury Convention.

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