This may seem like a familiar scenario

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
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Some of us were talking about having to do this right here at home now that only ‘authorised’ protests are allowed in Westminster…

China Post – Activist holds seconds-long Tiananmen Square protest: A campaigner for Tibetan self-rule unfurled a banner Wednesday near Beijing’s Tiananmen Square and then escaped by bicycle, pulling off a rare protest as police patrolled to prevent demonstrations during the annual meeting of China’s parliament. Wangpo Tethong pulled the banner from his backpack reading “Hu, you can’t stop us” in an apparent reference to Chinese President Hu Jintao and held it up in front of the Revolutionary History Museum on the eastern edge of the square. After a few seconds, he put the banner away and left the area by bicycle. The protest drew no response from the roughly dozen security officers in the area or the scores of tourists milling around. Shortly after Tethong’s demonstration, a young man ran who across the square shouting in what was an apparently unrelated protest was quickly tackled by about six police officers, bundled into a car and taken away.

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