Why you should march this weekend

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Independent – Blair on Iraq: ‘I’d do it all again’: Unrepentant and unmoved in spite of the rising death toll, Tony Blair has declared that if he was faced with the same circumstances, he would support the invasion of Iraq all over again.

And it looks like he’s going to get his chance… Iran is next.

Jack Straw beats the drum here. (Related article here.)

Yesterday, the White House released George W. Bush’s second term National Security Strategy (document | fact sheet).

It reaffirms the doctrine of pre-emptive war.

Here, it should be pointed out that a 1986 law requires that this strategy be revised annually, but this is the first new version since 2002 (source). Ignore the wrist-slapping that Bush is sure to avoid and instead consider this; the first revision was essentially a declaration of war against Iraq (money shot)… and this second revision is essentially a declaration of war against Iran.

DailyKos: See what just happened? Think back to 2002/2003 – the argument against Saddam from the Administration was that he had actual WMD’s. The uranium allegations were the icing on the yellowcake, so to speak, as it raised the fears of a “smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud.” Yet, the uranium was only one part of the entire case that Colin Powell made before the UN on February 5, 2003. Yet, as everyone soon became aware after the invasion of Iraq, there were no actual WMD’s in Iraq. The Administration had egg on its face, and critics such as Joe Wilson helped provide the egg cartons. But, now, with this new document, that scenario will not happen again. The Bush Administration is no longer interested in actual weapons programs or evidence of weapon development. Their entire anti-nuclear proliferation policy now will rest upon the presence of fissile material in a country.

Meanwhile, Condi is out and about describing Iran as a central banker for terrorism.

There’s no denying it any more… the stage is being set for a repeat of the Iraq disaster.

This weekend, there will be over 200 demonstrations worldwide to mark the third anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq, and to call for peace and sanity. I urge you to attend.

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