Yarrrrrr… it be mutiny!

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Oh dear. Someone forgot to tell Jack Dromey that Tony Blair is the captain of good ship Labour, and the only man who can safely navigate it through the treacherous waters ahead.

BBC– Labour loans to be investigated: Labour’s treasurer has revealed that he and other elected officials did not know the party had secretly borrowed millions of pounds last year. Jack Dromey said he will investigate the issue with the party’s general secretary and report next Tuesday. His comments follow a furore over three men recommended for peerages after lending Labour money. Unlike donations, loans do not have to be declared. Mr Dromey said Downing Street had not shown enough respect for the party. He is calling on the Electoral Commission to investigate the issue of political parties taking out loans from non-commercial sources.

Guardian – An Exocet across a reeling Downing Street
Times – Loans secrecy improper, admits Labour official
Independent – Another Labour donor walks away from peerage
FT – Labour launches inquiry into loans to party
Scotsman – Labour treasurer launches ‘cash for peerages’ inquiry
The ScumSleaze row mars vote win

To: Cap’n Blair
From: First Mate Campbell
Subject: Booty
Message: I be certain we can blame this on the cabin boy, but be sure to withdraw yer willy before ye be pointin’ the finger.

UPDATE – Remember, folks… it is unthinking acts of rebellion like this and this that hand power to the Conservatives… not Tony Blair’s continued insistence that his is the only vision for the future.

UPDATE – BlairWatch – Beyond Snouts in the Trough: Labour’s False Accounting?

UPDATE – Purchase a virtual peerage. (Can’t I just *loan* them the money?)

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