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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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Just in case you’re interested… I’m just rumbled Anne Milton on a clear conflict of interest. She’s taken a public stand against the amalgamation of five local PCTs… without telling the public that her husband holds one of five positions that are soon to be merged into one as a result.

Her most ardent supporters (Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers) continue to embarrass Milton – and themselves – by assuring everyone who will listen that this is some kind of personal attack, while they launch anonymous (or, rather, what they assume to be anonymous) personal attacks against me.

(Dennis Paul would do well to remember that the last time he and Mike went shouty-crackers on Milton’s behalf that she responded by requesting that he tone down his link to her on his crappy website.)

So… how will Milton react to this, I wonder? She may be a dipstick, but there’s no way she can be thinking she’ll be able to dodge this one with her ‘angry young man’ routine.

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