Police: trouble with numbers

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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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The Met certainly have difficulty when it comes to math. Like when a million people turn up to a peace march and they claim only 100,000 were there. Or when 50 or so police turn up to shut down a single protestor, and we’re told that it was ‘more like 25′.


Daily Mail – Met criticised for sending 78 officers to protester raid: It emerged today that 78 officers had been involved and the operation had cost 7,200 pounds – 3,000 pounds on overtime and another 4,200 pounds on transport, catering and the erection of road signs. A row over the raid erupted today at a meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority, the body which oversees Scotland Yard, with one member suggesting it had brought the force into “disrepute”. Another said it gave the impression, around the world, that Britain was “suppressing dissent by people opposed to the Iraq war”.

No!! Really?! Now where would they get a stupid idea like that?

UPDATE – It now turns out that they’ve been fibbing about the full cost of the exercise…. over 27 grand.

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