Sweet FA – I Am An England Fan (the doubly unofficial World Cup single)

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Sweet FAA few short months ago, I heard for the first time Sweet FA’s I Am An England Fan – the one and only single that truly deserves to be this year’s unofficial World Cup Anthem.

I immediately volunteered to get involved. That visual genius mushybees agreed to do the music video and we were well on our way to chart domination… or so we thought.

As it turns out, the many music publishing peeps we talked to thought Crazy Frog, Mike Read and Neil & Christine Bloody Hamilton had the game all wrapped up, so – after months of bashing our head against a brick-headed wall (in which time the single enjoyed many successful outings on radio and TV – including The Box and The Hits) we’ve decided to go it alone.

When you hear this song for the first time, you may – like us – begin to suspect that the music publishers of this country have deliberately conspired against us in order to stop this song from infecting the nation’s pubs and school-yards (which would be a bit rich, considering the many heinous crimes they have perpetrated against the music-buying populace this past decade).

WARNING – Before you click any of these links, please be aware of the following: once this song gets into your head, you will have great difficulty getting it out again.

Click here for the main Sweet FA website.

Click here to hear the song and see the video.

Click here to buy the video/single online.

UPDATE – Tune into More4 this evening (Wed 31st May at the tail end of the 8.00pm news) to see the music video in its full broadcast-quality glory… and stand by to vote for us!

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