Aegis cleared over shooting video

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BBC – Security firm cleared by US army: A British security firm has welcomed the outcome of a US army investigation clearing it of criminal offences. The US military launched an inquiry after a video showing an Aegis Defence Services contractor firing at civilian cars in Iraq was shown on the internet. Aegis, which has a Pentagon contract in Iraq said to be worth 157m, said the film had been edited to mislead. It said the man responsible for the film is now the subject of legal action… An Aegis spokesman said: “There was no evidence of any civilian casualties as a result of the incidents and the images published were all taken out of context.”

The release of this video was covered here at Bloggerheads last year:

Buy British! (another victory for privatisation)

Since then, the ‘offending’ website has been removed. This report on that removal at the Channel 4 website also includes links to unedited clips from that video.

Check out the first video especially for use of a flare that contains “no evidence of any civilian casualties”.

Irish Echo – Botched investigation? U.S. clears Iraq shooters but were key witnesses ignored?: U.S. military investigators have cleared a private security company linked to the apparent shooting of Iraqi civilians. But according to a leading Irish human rights group, the investigators ignored a central witness and a number of additional key witnesses in the case… The Pentagon’s deal with Spicer was recently raised with the Bush administration’s special envoy to Northern Ireland, Ambassador Mitchell Reiss, by the Derry-based Pat Finucane Center… In recent days, Reiss has been informed in an email letter by the PFC that it was contacted by an individual “who wishes to provide vital information to the trophy video investigation” being carried out by the Pentagon. “This man has informed us that he is a former Aegis employee, Mr. Rod Stoner. He has informed us that he was present in the vehicle when the shooting occurred and that he was responsible for posting it on the website. He has also informed us that Aegis showed no interest in interviewing him during their internal investigation which apparently ended earlier this year. Most disturbing of all is his allegation that Aegis have refused his repeated requests to be put in contact with those within the Pentagon responsible for the investigation into the video. Mr. Stoner has also informed us that it is his understanding that none of those present in the vehicle have been contacted by the Pentagon, or indeed by any official investigating the video. If true this would suggest that a cover-up has taken place of matters concerning serious criminal wrong doing, including murder,” the letter to Reiss added.

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