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Just remember… when enough people ‘rushed the guns’ and Peter Mandelson subsequently found himself more than a few (easy-to-answer) questions short for this feature, he solved the problem by writing his own.

Still, it’s worth a try… even if the only person I reach is a single potential convert in fantasy-land.

My question (from the last time they played this game… an exercise in trust-building that was twinned with this anti-dissent event) remains unanswered, so I’m going to repeat it:

How can you possibly be trusted to deal with an issue as serious as terrorism when your political survival depends on ignoring or denying vital aspects of it (such as Uzbekistan’s use of torture and the part the conflict in Iraq has played in fostering terrorism)?

And now, to close, one claim and one fact:

1. The claim: “The questions chosen to go to the PM will not be selected by his office.”
2. The fact: Alastair Campbell no longer works directly for Mr Blair’s office.

UPDATE – Here’s the resulting interview, if you think you can bear it.

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