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Europhobia – “Renew for freedom”? Well, sort of…: Largely because it had run out, but partially because of the Renew for Freedom campaign, last month I renewed my passport, sending the thing off with plenty of time for the potential three week turnaround time. Perhaps thanks to the claimed “resounding success” of the campaign to get as many people as possible renewing in May to avoid the cut-off before the introduction of the new computer-chipped biometric passports, I now have a passport with an issue date of 2nd June – more than three weeks after I sent the thing with next day delivery – an even worse photo than usual, a microchip of some description, and a little leaflet which “contains important information about your new biometric passport”. (Although, of course, despite forking out fifty quid for the thing, “Your passport belongs to the government”.) Yes, despite “renewing for freedom”, I now have a biometric passport. Cheers guys.

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