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Guardian – From logistics to turning a blind eye: Europe’s role in terror abductions: The full extent of European collusion with the CIA during operations to abduct terrorism suspects and fly them to countries where they may be tortured is laid bare today by the continent’s most authoritative human rights body. Several states have allowed the agency to snatch their own residents, others have offered extensive logistical support, while many have turned a blind eye, according to the Council of Europe. The UK stands accused of not only allowing the use of British airspace and airports, but of providing information that was used during the torture of one suspect. The report adds that there is strong evidence to suspect two European states, Poland and Romania, of permitting the CIA to operate secret prisons on their soil, despite official denials.

UPDATE – Blair Watch – Would Mr Blair care to reconsider his position? (includes many links… go see!)

UPDATE – BSSC – Ignorance is Bliss

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