Who will rid us of this overspent beast?

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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
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Guardian – One answer and many questions: Labour is now demonstrably a party in need of change. It is hard to see how its morale and political fortunes will improve significantly while Mr Blair remains leader. There is no evidence for any such shift of mood in the latest polling. To believe otherwise requires a leap of faith from the party and the electorate in the prime minister, which neither shows the slightest sign of wishing to make. This is not to say that things will necessarily get much worse for Labour, but they seem unlikely to get any better, even if England were to win the World Cup. The longer Mr Blair remains, therefore, the greater the danger for Labour that the demoralisation and political alienation will deepen. Mr Blair’s continuation at the top of his party increasingly appears like an act of vanity.

Or – if you want to put it another way – there’s a job that needs doing, and no-one in the Labour Party appears to have the ability, will, brains and/or guts required to take it on.

People are going to remember that, no matter what change (finally) takes place.

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