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Posted by Tim Ireland at August 17, 2006

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Given what’s happening in this little corner of the world, I feel it important to make a statement regarding the Inigo Wilson affair. Happily, I can do so simply by agreeing with statements made by Dave:

Backword – Zip Your Gob Or Lose Your Job: I note that all the commenters on the blogs listed above who support MPAC are anonymous and criticise Mr Wilson for using his real name. It’s called having balls, fellas.

And Nosemonkey:

Europhobia – Oh, come on… (again): Hell, I may disagree with this Inigo Wilson chap’s opinions – I disagree with most people’s opinions. But vindictively trying to get someone fired for an opinion expressed outside of the office and in their own time is significantly more offensive than anything contained in that article. He hasn’t broken the law, he hasn’t incited violence or hatred, and – most importantly – unlike those who have got him suspended he hasn’t harmed anyone.

And Stuart Bruce:

A PR Guru’s Musings – Orange PR blogger row grows: I’m all for free speech and that you should be free to say whatever you want, within the law…

UPDATE (18 Aug) – Ah! The latest intelligence seems to suggest a modicum of common sense at work.

As for this corner of the world, the organisations in a position to do something about certain politically-motivated dirtbags prompting their own witch hunt by making baseless/anonymous claims about paedophilia look like they’re going to let the weekend sliiiiiiiiide by.

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