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Justin has two items that got lost in the wash today, and here’s a third…

BBC – Bush admits to CIA secret prisons: President Bush has acknowledged the existence of secret CIA prisons and said 14 key terrorist suspects have now been sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba… Mr Bush said the CIA’s interrogation programme had been “vital” in saving lives, but denied the use of torture. He said all suspects will be afforded protection under the Geneva Convention.

Will be… as in future tense.

Also, spare a thought for the hundreds of suspects who were ferried in hundreds of undeclared CIA flights over European air space since 2001, but were not ‘lucky’ enough to proceed to Guantanamo Bay.

Blair Watch suggests that now is a good time for Tony Blair to ask how many of these suspects were ferried via the UK… but surely that question has already been asked and we have every reason to believe the answer the Bush administration gave.

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