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I’m disappearing from view for a time and leaving you only with this message.

With the exception of the beta release of the Labour campaign return, some general housekeeping and an extra video release or two, I’m unlikely to post anything at Bloggerheads from now until 2007.

The British political blogosphere is in a downward spiral at the moment, freshly-‘captained’ as it is by a range of (mostly Tory) newcomers gleefully yelling “Dive!”

Additionally, the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have shown nothing but contempt for the blogging community in their many recent attempts to exploit it, infiltrate it and/or undermine it.

Meanwhile, there are complete dickheads like these local Tories, who see weblogs as a way to spread anonymous smears and/or pass off positive comments that they’ve written about themselves as genuine contributions.

There’s a self-correction aspect involved, but the blogosphere is largely shaped by its population. That population is shaped by perception. If the generally-held perception is that the blogosphere is a place of unregulated dishonesty, obfuscation and party-political attacks, then that is what it will become.

I have a project in mind that’s designed to address this growing problem in a number of ways… and it’s long-overdue.

So I’m going to pop off for a bit and make it happen.

Until then, I leave you in the capable hands of Justin McKeating, Curious Hamster, and the good people at Blair Watch.

If you want to help with the build, nothing could be easier… just send me an email or send me money:

Cheers all.

UPDATE (2nd Nov 2006) – I appear to be in good company:

BBC – Web inventor fears for the future: The British inventor of the internet (Sir Tim Berners-Lee) says he is worried about the way it could be used to spread “misinformation and undemocratic forces”.

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