Vidcast Fever!

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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
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Tom’s done made himself a vidcast! I can’t say that I agree with all of it (particularly the bit about politics “getting more decent the more local it gets”… *cough*), but at least he has a video… and that means he’s now officially ‘weblogging’ at last.

(That is right, isn’t it? It gets a little bit confusing with so many experts about.)

Also, Will Howells has issued a 2nd edition of Webcameraon. (Warning: the closing statement may upset some vegetarians.)

Oh, and I’ve been busy on the video front myself…

I suspect that the video embedded below is the one that will give you the biggest laugh (shame on you), but I urge you to also check out this humble offering:

Webcameron: unscripted and in stereo – this is a straight mix of the opening segments in this video where David Cameron is ‘caught unawares’ at the kitchen table and this video where David Cameron is ‘caught unawares’ doing the washing up. All totally unscripted, of course.

(One can only wonder how many takes this ‘natural’ exchange took… and if the unseen contributor was a driver who should have been paying more attention to the road than his script.)

There’s no editing to speak of; it’s simply a matter of one video being laid over the other. Very educational.

Anyway, lecture’s over. I promised you the possibility of a laugh, and here it comes… enjoy:

PS – Two messages for regulars of a certain age:


2. Whore my link, you bastards!

UPDATE – Psst! Got a spare £20?

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