The Blair Foundation: a fresh idea in the making

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The Independent – Does Tony’s new best friend know something we don’t?: Socialite Martha Greene has fixed parties for Tony and speeches for Cherie. So what’s she up to registering ‘Blair Foundation’ on the web? On 4 November the website domain was registered – by one Martha Greene. It is the clearest sign yet that the Prime Minister plans to set up a body similar to that established by the former US President Bill Clinton.

Here’s what the papers missed, folks;

Martha Greene registered and a month earlier… on 30 September 2006

It wasn’t until 4 November that she registered then – a few days later – and (for some reason, the ‘Tony’ was dropped… I’m guessing for statesman-like branding purposes).

So, what was happening in late September? The Times practically trips over it right at the end of their article…

The Times – Blair starts work on building fortune: At the last Labour party conference, speaking briefly about the foundation, Clinton declared: “I found there was life after politics.” All eyes immediately swivelled across the platform to examine Blair’s expression for any sign of recognition or enthusiasm.

Gah! So close!

Clinton airs the idea publicly on Tuesday the 26th. By the end of the week, a plan is in motion. Enthusiasm? I’ll say!

(Psst! It’s called research, guys. Try it sometime.)

UPDATE – And the first cab off the rank is…! I think it’s time for another meeting about names, Martha.

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