Climb every mole-hill

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
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Johnny Void began by making a common enough mistake; thinking that the enemy of his enemy was his friend (or, perhaps, some form of zip-gun). Been there myself.

But I think he went of the rails a bit when he started buying into the must-stop-fascist-regime fantasy. In that post, he used some text from me that fitted the seductive but counter-productive ‘Tim wants to take over Teh Internets’ invention, without providing a direct link to the full post (i.e. robbing this partial quote of context).

Soon after, he was here at Bloggerheads, knickers in a twist and spoiling for a fight.

From here on in, I think I can let this comment exchange and his post about the edits in that exchange speak for themselves and leave Johnny to his void.

But not before thanking him for doing me an enormous favour:

Guido 2.0 – The man hears what he wants to hear (and disregards the rest)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s snowing out and I have some playtime coming to me.

Cheers all.

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