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Ministry of Truth – Guido, The Smith Institute and the Think Tank he’s not writing about: Paul Staines, who blogs under the psedonym ‘Guido Fawkes’ has recently run a series of typically snide posts about a registered charity, The Smith Institute… Policy Exchange, like the Smith Institute is registered charity, albeit one founded only in 2003. And like the Smith Institute, it is funded by private donations and does not disclose the identity of its donors – it doesn’t have to, remember… Policy Exchange also has some obivious links to a mainstream political party (and maybe even to Paul/Guido, as you’ll shortly see); the Conservative Party. In fact one might even reasonable observe that Policy Exchange, an ‘independent think tank’ operating as a registered charity is actually a veritable rat’s nest of Conservative Party members and associates with identifable links and connections running all the way to very highest level of the party.

Well, Paul Staines is a busy guy (those comments don’t write moderate themselves)… maybe he plans to get around to it sooner or later. Over to ‘Guido’…

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