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—– Original Message —–
From: “a” [nospam@connectfree.co.uk]
To: Manic
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:44 AM
Subject: Bloggerheads

> Mr. Ireland – You placed a petition on a Number 10 website that the Prime
> Minister “stand on his head and juggle ice cream”.
> It is clear that your intent was to damage this new manifestation of
> democracy. You have no interest in the people having reasonable grievances
> redressed, and would rather smear all petitions with ideas of meaninglessness.
> I am entirely unsurprised, on visiting your site, that you are a far
> leftist. Your creed is based on ignoring what people want, telling them
> what they need, always leads to subjugation of people, and is in the descendent.

Mr ‘A’ – You sent me an anonymous ‘no reply’ email denouncing this action and making all sorts of assumptions regarding my intentions (and my politics).

It is (*ahem*) clear that your intent was to have your little rant without the discomfort of having any of your assertions challenged.

Rest assured that when I finally do subjugate the people of this nation and the shiny new space-age internment camps are in place, you will be the first inmate to be refused access to oxygen.

[Psst! As I said when I first submitted the ‘ice cream’ petition: This petition project has significant value (well done, mysociety)… but it also shows that there is significant value in creating and maintaining your own little corner of Teh Interwebs… where you can (*gasp*) acknowledge party-politics (without, say, committing to it entirely) and create/maintain material that doesn’t have to be cleared by the Labour Party and/or Downing Street first.]

UPDATE (4:24pm) – Huzzah! A reply from our objecting gent! And what odd time-stamps he has…

—– Original Message —–
From: “a” [nospam@connectfree.co.uk]
To: Manic
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 12:19 AM
Subject: Bloggerheads

> All sorts of assumptions about your politics? Your website espouses every
> far leftist idea known to man!
> I would have posted my comments on your forum, but it requires registration
> and I have no intention of giving you any of my information, and receiving
> leftist porn in my email.
> You cheaply ignore my main assertion: your petition is meaningless and
> impossible – it thereby makes the statement that petitions are generally
> meaningless tosh that some nutter has a gripe about, and that the business
> of big leftist government should go on unabated regardless of the desires
> of these lunatics (your little leftist brain is itching, nay twitching to
> agree in some smart-aleccy way! you must give in to it! you must!)

I really must apologise for cheaply ignoring his main assertion. The man must feel so cheated after not expecting a bloody reply in the first place!


‘A’, please read the fine print of the petition (under ‘more details from petition creator’) and get back to me… and do include an email address this time; I’m simply dying to send you some leftist pornography!

[I’m not making this up, people… I swear it! Of course, this could be a troll, but if it is, it’s a decidedly jolly one.]

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