The Liar Returns

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Saturday, February 10th, 2007
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“Sorry, I am new to editing Wikipedia and didn’t know of the existence of this page until tonight.” – Iain Dale

Iain Dale’s editing history on Wikipedia tells a different story. Iain (the liar) first created a login on 30 April 2006, and it’s pretty obvious that he was aware of his Wikipedia page before now… because he spent an entire afternoon perfecting it 9 months ago:

Also Noteworthy: Nssdfdsfds, the editor who went in to bat for Iain Dale yesterday (and today) first stopped by to correct Anne Milton’s entry by describing me as a ‘left-wing activist’ (and bodging the job) before swiftly moving on to this and many other edits relating to Iain’s entry.

Am I allowed to stroke my beard again?

PS – How interesting… a name appears before my eyes… familiar yet extended: Paul Delaire Staines. Have fun with it.

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