Well said! Throw that man a bucket of krill!

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Thursday, February 1st, 2007
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Political Penguin – Fox News Lite, Guido AKA Paul Staine[s] and Iain Dale: The state of play is a bit uneven at the moment, with all honesty I agree with Unity that the Tories are ahead of the game on this, but lets just qualify that statement. The Tories are ahead not because they are technically better, nor more organised, nor more intelligent, they are simply more unprincipled and happy to break long held netiquette valued by those of us who have a sense of fair play and honour.


The only modification I would make would be to change ‘the Tories’ to ‘these Tories’.

On the point of fair play and honour, and the very real need to preserve same, please check this post for an important update.

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