While we’re all paying attention…

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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
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Guardian – Brown v Cameron – exclusive poll puts Labour 13 points adrift

Remember, this is because the Conservatives offer a viable alternative to New Labour… it has nothing to do with certain Tories being opportunistic, two-faced bastards.


Still no answer from ‘Guido’ (1, 2, 3)… just the same old toss, smears and spin.

Iain Dale seems to have suddenly backed off on the notion of comment registration, too.

Oh well… at least we have this promised improvement to Fox News Lite following my request to see a copy of a broadcast where I was almost certainly defamed. At length.

“I’m told we do not record any of the 11pm-12 programmes so that programme is not available. However, I have now asked for that policy to be reviewed as I think it is important that we keep a record of everything we transmit.” – Iain Dale

Just let that soak in along with the other stuff, folks.

A round-up is due soon… but it may very well be a half-timer. The same dipsticks who earnestly called for an end to this ‘unjustifiable hostility’ have now returned to firing mortars from what they think is a safe distance.

They’ll learn.

(Psst! No answer from Nick Boles yet, either… so this magnificent prize is still up for grabs.)

UPDATE – Iain’s turn to enjoy a right of reply. I’m loving this especially. Vitriol! Enough vitriol!

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