A moment of outrage and some added extras

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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
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I heartily approve of this. [NSFW audio] (via)

I met Peter Hain back in 2004 and we had a nice, long chat. I can confirm that he talked in a perfectly frank manner about foreign policy with a line that’s not too far from what he’s disseminating publicly now… but it’s the votes that do the damage. I have a similar – and, I would argue, perfectly justified – level of outrage, and I feel let down by the entire political class. The level of mendacity and complicity alone is enough to make you weep. Don’t get me started on the role of the bloody media… we could be here all day.


Moving on with some added extras…

I recommend that you read this and this excellent ‘background’ post. (via)

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I’ve answered a question here and will happily link to it.

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