That Lowde matter

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Friday, June 29th, 2007
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A report direct from Rachel here, an account and round-up from Davide here.

The only thing I think I can add to the surrounding bloggage is that you should be wary of anyone trying to present this as a case of bloggers ‘acting like judge, jury and executioner’… especially as it was the police and the courts that granted Lowde official stalker status, not bloggers (oh, and nobody was actually executed).

In fact, the only person groundlessly screaming ‘stalker’ was Lowde herself.

(I still have to find or invent the word for that BTW; when someone accuses you of doing something that you are not guilty of when they themselves are guilty of the same or far, far worse. Even trying to describe it can give you a headache… which I’m sure is part of its purpose.)

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