Bloody rent-a-mobbers

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Monday, July 9th, 2007
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Watch Labour’s rent-a-mob in Sedgefield disrupting press events for the Lib Dems (via) and the Tories (via).

I’ve personally witnessed similar behaviour from the Tories and I’ll happily link to any current/historical footage of the same from the Lib Dems* if anyone has some to hand.

Now, really, who wins when it spirals down to this level?

[*Note – I’ve also witnessed Tory activists posing as rude/disruptive Lib Dems in the street (my camera failed me, or I would bring you footage) and posing as Labour activists online (allowing them to lay into the Lib Dems in unseemly ways, thereby compromising both opposing parties). By the time crap like that happens… well, the shouting match you were previously left with becomes even more meaningless.]

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