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Posted by Tim Ireland at 9 July 2007

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Alastair Campbell: Why, suddenly, are so many people prepared to believe a man who lies and spins for a living… especially when his immediate livelihood depends on us giving a damn about his book? Won’t be buying, won’t be reading… won’t be linking, sorry (but if you do find your way to his website, check the ‘about’ page for a pathetic attempt at blogging cred). I will, however, be paraphrasing a fairly recent and most-excellent letter to Viz on the subject of Max Clifford; “If he’s such an expert in public relations, why does everyone think he’s a cunt?”

[Psst! Wanna buy a book? Try this one.]

Rebekah Wade: The new tabloid-based drama Dirt premieres this evening on FiveUS at 9pm and, quite frankly, I’m already disappointed. Given who and what one has to deal with on a regular basis when contributing to a tabloid, I would think that ‘Shit’ would be a far more suitable title… and perfectly suitable for the post-watershed audience. No? OK, how about ‘Never-Ending Fields of Glory Gak’…? Really? Potential libel, you say? Very well… instead, we’ll focus on Wade having a rare encounter with Cox. After this meeting, the lovely Courteney was heard to say of Rebekah; “She’s a fascinating woman… she is a very powerful, strong woman.” Please note that the word ‘pleasant’ does not appear anywhere in that assessment (and please also check that article for a downright creepy moment that follows this assessment).

Chain-Lettering Meme Vandals and Their Gutless/Witless Victims: Take a look at the latest crap (screengrab below) that’s started popping up under most of my YouTube videos. There are already 71,000 references to basic variations of “copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours” and 221,000 references to a similar and only slightly less offensive one that promises to help you with your love life (after you have spammed 5 videos). I’d like to issue a slow handclap to the genius what thunk this up.

(Oh, and don’t read too much into the ‘Mother’s Life Vs. Sex Life’ thing… I’m sure the difference in performance stems primarily from the entry threshold; 10 spams versus 5.)


  1. Sim-O says

    Why did they use a picture of Micheal Jackson for a Courtney Cox interview?

  2. Manic says

    Hahahahaha! My shiny new script-blocker hid this from me:

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