Somebody nearly forgot to think about Teh Children

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Monday, July 2nd, 2007
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Here’s an extract from a nice letter that I read in the paper on my way into London today:

Don’t help terrorists by spreading fear: Counter-terrorism experts familiar with explosives know these were not the types of car bombs that have exploded in Iraq. Scotland Yard’s use of “carnage” represented unwarranted speculation. Both devices in London showed a lack of sophistication. If they were constructed by al-Qa’ida, it was by the group’s student wing.

Carl, a regular reader, reports that Pg 9 of Saturday’s Daily Mail carried the headline “Why they hate the clubbers” and used a picture of a school disco to help focus the minds of their readers (who, all too often, have a tendency to forget that they are expected to be in a state of fear or rage at all times).

If anyone has a hard copy of that, I’d love a scan for my scrapbook.

UPDATE – Ooh, look… there’s a copy online. (Thanks, septicisle.) If you’re in any doubt about the ‘school disco’ status of the image, check out the kid with the ginger hair and grey shirt on the far right.

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