Bunny-boiler invents stalker to help cement imagined relationship

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Finally, Holy Moly coughs up something interesting (the highlight is mine):

You may have read the article last week, Blur star’s stalker hell, in which a woman was cautioned by police for stalking Graham Coxon of Blur fame.

The paper states that Sue Ellingham became “crazed” after “failing to land him”.


We are hearing what really happened was that Graham met her through his website forum, after he had split up from his wife and kicked booze and drugs. He scuttled her several times as part of a casual relationship.

Slowly he began to realise what “casual” meant on her terms. In a bid to remain close to Graham she invented a persona on the forum to stalk and harrass Graham and herself. By sharing a “stalker”, she hoped her and Graham would be drawn together. Here’s an example her invented persona was posting on the forum, directed at herself in order to win sympathy from Coxon and other forum members:

YOU VACANT BITCH! You know very well i would be kinder if you would give me the information I want. But you are such a stupid pathetic excuse for a female. You fucked Graham Coxon and then he fucked you over. It is what he does to women. Yet you still lick his arse instead of kicking it like he deserves. So many women on this board he has fucked over and you stand by him. I shouldn’t use the word women – most of you are only girls. He lures the innocent in with kind words and flirtations. Then he fucks them over. And you all worship him. Oooh, Graham Coxon, you’re so great and i love you. He is a predator ladies. And you stupid fat cow, *** – you know this yet you do nothing to help expose him. You are a fucking idiot. It could have been so simple. But you wouldn’t co-opperate. and everyone is glad you are gone. You are too fucking stupid to even figure out who I am. The both of you. You and Graham should go fuck some more and procreate and populate the world with really fucking stupid children.

It didn’t stop there. She pretended the ‘stalker’ was following them both. She got someone to take photos of herself and Graham on the street and posted them.

Poor Graham didn’t know what had hit him.

To top it all off, she drove to Graham’s Kent farmhouse/studio and caused criminal damage with some highly graphic graffiti. Graham finally went to the police and she got a caution for criminal damage and harassment.

We ask how she got away with just a caution and how she has managed to retain her job, in which she holds a position of responsibility?

But allowing widespread sock-puppetry is just shits and giggles, yeah? A largely harmless activity from which political advantage can be gained from time to time. No harm can come from maintaining a website that allows multiple personas and wholesale abuse, right? I mean, it’s not like Iain Dale would allow the repeated publication of incitement to murder on his website or anything like that, is it?

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