A farewell to Anita Roddick

Posted by Tim Ireland at 11 September 2007

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Independent – Anita Roddick, capitalist with a conscience, dies at 64

In this world, there are many forces that just are; it may be possible to change them, but there’s no sense in attributing personalities to them.

However, wherever one or more sentient beings has an influence, evil can and does exist, and is easily recognisable via any knowing attempt to corrupt life… typically, to gain money or power.

There is no doubt in my mind that Anita Roddick devoted her life to being an opposing and/or limiting force to this evil. That she engaged in capitalism to do this and gained money and power in the process made it easier for the supporters or servants of some of the most evil people on this planet to play the following game:

For any questionable judgement, for any minor infraction, for any surrender to market forces (most notably this one), they would stand, point the finger and scream; “LOOK! She’s not PERFECT!”

No, she wasn’t perfect, and neither did she claim to be… but you’d be surprised how common this little deceit is and how often it works.

And, sadly, due to the curious libel laws we all live by, we can expect to see much more of this kind of thing directed against Anita Roddick now she has passed on; the small amount of protection her reputation will have in death will consist of the company/brand that survives her… and those who continue to support her and what she stood for.

You can count me among the latter because, if you’ll pardon the knowing pun, she’s worth it.

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