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Just a quick note, because I’m a in a blogging mood today;

It has long confused me why, preliminary to any real criticism of that ‘blogger’, Iain Dale would describe Bloggerheads (as he did in the previous version of his deeply flawed guide to political blogging) as; “Tim Ireland’s explosive site which delights in attacking just about everyone.”

It just seemed an odd way of acknowledging that I don’t play party-political favourites…. and it also seemed to wilfully ignore almost everything else at Bloggerheads.

Well, I went poking around for an asbestos-related post last night (see earlier post) and hit upon a trail of people and organisations I’ve had a crack at; the list includes everything from petty thieves and spammers to religious extremists and warmongers… but there is a common thread:

Almost without exception, the targets were saying one thing while doing quite the opposite and/or deliberately claiming one thing when quite the opposite was true.

So perhaps what Iain was trying to say in his uniquely prescient way was:

“Bloggerheads – Tim Ireland’s explosive site which delights in attacking just about everyone like me.”


Have a good holiday, Iain… you lovable old fraud.

[Psst! This comment from a recent post about one of Iain’s contributors to his most recent guide (“I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about the ego of someone who puts themselves second on a list of the best blogs.”) may ring a few bells. Here’s why. I’m tempted to run a pool on how high Iain will place himself will have himself placed this year and/or how Bloggerheads will be described… if it appears at all.]

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