Policy Exchange drops the ball and plays the man

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Friday, December 14th, 2007
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I’m currently shaking off my share of the winter vomiting virus and waiting for the police to make up their minds (according to Royal Mail, my form arrived yesterday).

Meanwhile, a great story about Policy Exchange is developing, with follow-ups over at Obsolete, Rolled-up Trousers, Big Sticks and Small Carrots, Rhetorically Speaking, Harry’s Place, Ministry of Truth and Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion.

UPDATE – I invite you to watch and decide for yourself; report and interview.

UPDATE (16 Dec) – It’s Sunday, and I’m still laughing about this pathetic comeback:

Jeremy Paxman: It didn’t strike you as the slightest bit odd that there should have been at least 5 of these receipts produced on inkjet printers rather than the sort of receipts you would expect to find?

Dean Godson: Since when is there anything in Sharia law about receipts not being produced on inkjet printers by mosques?

(Psst! BBC! Can we please have regular transcripts from Newsnight? Ta.)

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