That’s Iain Dale all over

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I can’t possibly improve on this comment about Iain Dale delivering yet another free ride for one of his Tory chums and predicting the kind of semi-anonymous beating he normally tolerates the hell out of when he’s not on the receiving end of it, so I invite you to read it in full.

Take a bow, ‘ahs benton’:

Call Iain Dale a hypocrite and he squeals like a pig impaled upon a very sharp stick. His normal defence, trotted out again this time, is that his detractors are “cowards” for posting anonymously.

That they can post anonymously because his blog allows anonymous comments is just one measure of the man’s stupidity.

A measure of his hypocrisy is that he never accuses anonymous posters of cowardice if they are attacking one of his opponents.

Another is that he attacks Labour and the Lib Dems with obvious glee for the most minor of errors, whilst remaining silent for as long as possible when it is the Tories who are at fault.

He fails to see that you must at least acknowledge when your side gets it wrong, or risk being exposed as a hypocrite.

That such a mediocrity should be accepted by the MSM as Britain’s Leading Blogger has long been a mystery to me when it is obvious he is little more than a gaudy Tory Pom Pom boy.

[Psst! More on Staines soon. I have to dot a few Is and cross a few Ts first (but I’m used to that, because I write my name a lot).]

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