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With regards to the Christian religion, I keep myself a (mostly) respectful arm’s length from the fold.

I think this position is best encapsulated in the relevant category on my website; it’s titled “Christ…”

What you’ll find when you explore that category is (a) that I have a shocking level of intolerance for bigotry and those who exploit it and (b) that I’m likely to get especially riled up if people like that deliberately misrepresent someone else’s position in order to diddle fair debates and start false ones.

Key examples of this can be found here and here. In the latter, you’ll also see a fine example of sock-puppeting at work and – even though we’re all still enjoying half-time here – it would be remiss of me not to point out where some parallels between the skills of misinterpretation and sock-puppeting may exist.


I’m with Sunny.

And if you have any doubts about your own position*, I urge you to read Sunny’s article. And Garry’s. And Justin’s. And Septicisle’s.

[*Hint: The best place to start is by finding out what Rowan Williams actually said.]

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