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Friday, February 8th, 2008
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I recently put this to Shane Greer:

You did not merely express an opinion, you billed me as a ‘psycho reader’, dismissed every concern I might have about conduct in the blogosphere as an invention of a hate-filled mind, declared me to be “obviously unbalanced” and grouped me with a convicted stalker.

To defend this action of yours, you will need to produce evidence beyond your perception of the situation.

Important question coming up…

Can you do this?

Shane did not answer my question, and he actually appears to have deleted my follow-up comment where I press him for an answer:

I mention this because I’m not going to let it lie, this is generally the point at which the person who has published a personal attack against me plays the victim, and you may want to make popcorn.

UPDATE (3:15pm) – Heh. Suddenly, my comment is published. The conversation continues from here.

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