Iain Dale: once again condemned by his own words

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No response from Shane Greer yet.

No response from CCHQ yet.

No response from Paul Staines and his tax lawyer, either.

But at least Iain Dale has responded to this…. and if you have the stomach to watch him hiding behind his sock-puppets as they play the man, click here for confirmation that he *does* approve of such attacks on his site because, in his words; “[The attacks on John Hirst] are fair comment. Jailhouselawyer calls me far worse on his blog. If he can’t take it he shouldn’t dish it out.”

1. So what’s changed in the last year and a bit, Iain?

Iain Dale (Jan 7, 2007): “Verity and Jailhouselawyer, take your stupid fight elsewhere. No more of it here. All future comments attacking each other will be deleted.”

2. Fair comment? You what? (See: #4)

3. Iain will often retreat into the language of the playground. All that’s missing from my personal collection of comebacks is “I am rubber and you are glue…”

4. Iain Dale claims here that John Hirst has called him something worse than an unrepentant killer and benefit cheat with a dodgy degree. Do correct me if I’m wrong, but unless he can find something to back it up, that’s libel isn’t it?

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