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Donal Blaney: Got in touch last night after I put it to him that he had not yet commenced proceedings, and informed me that he was awaiting instructions from the client. Read my reply (1 Feb, 8:40am) here. Can he say that he intends to proceed or that proceedings have already begun? Clearly, at this stage, he can’t.

Paul Staines (‘Guido Fawkes’): Still hasn’t mentioned this on his ‘Guido Fawkes’ weblog, and he’s normally quite up-front and bold about such things. I’m sure he’d love to bully me into submission without looking like a total hypocrite, but he can’t.

Iain Dale: Has launched a new web design that includes a new set of rules for his weblog (please remember that I have been banned from his website for complaining that he did not follow his old set of rules). His new rules state that – rather than deleting any anonymous abuse outright – he instead “reserves the right” not to allow anonymous abuse as and when he sees fit. I’m sure he would love to conduct ‘debates’ on his site without the aid of a bunch of anonymous thugs, but he can’t.

Phil Hendren (‘Dizzy’): Got in touch at 6:30am to try and start a fight with me. No doubt as a ‘chip in’ effort to further waste my time (he has past form of doing this and admitting to it). I’m sure he’d love to deny that, but he can’t.

CCHQ: Haven’t got back to me in a timely manner with satisfactory answers to any of these questions. Because they can’t.

In short, what you are looking at here is a shower of can’ts.

UPDATE – How silly of me. I forgot to include music:

Mental As Anything – Brain Brain

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