Knickers to the anonymongrel knockers

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Tom Watson offers his thoughts on blogging as a civil servant. The basics are; blog as yourself and act responsibly.

The result: an added point of open engagement with politics.

Dizzy Phil Hendren, by comparison, thinks you should sneak around and exaggerate reality.

The result: further disillusionment with politics… via the use of illusion, no less.

(Dizzy seems to know an awful lot about the ins and outs of sneaking around making anonymous contributions and not getting caught, doesn’t he? Pardon the paranoid conjecture speculating prattiness.)

What Phil and all his pseudo-blogging attack-dog mates want is power without accountability… for now. I’m wagering their position would change if the Tories ever clawed their way back into Downing Street.

A ‘shoe on the other foot’ example to help reinforce my point, courtesy of Garry Smith:

“The baying mob is something I hope not to see again for a very long time.” – Iain Dale making excuses for his friend Derek Conway.

“Bay! BAY! Join in everyone! Bay! BAY!” – Iain Dale doesn’t know why he gets called a hypocrite.

You’ll want to watch this bunch of sneaky lying exaggerating bastards. They can’t be trusted.

UPDATE – Hahahahaha! Following another dig at Tom Watson, Dizzy Phil Hendren gets caught feeding his readers propaganda from the economic advisor to the Shadow Chancellor. Delicious.

And here, for your added amusement, is yet another example of Tory bloggers presenting Tory propaganda as their own independent work. This example, like the one above, also shows the Tories pushing the bullshit line that they’re totally 2.0

See? They can’t be trusted.

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