Shh! Don’t disturb the narrative!

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Thursday, March 13th, 2008
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A major reason why our government isn’t rushing to rescue former employees in Iraq: it would involve admitting that all is not well in that country.

But the mission to protect the world from WMDs bring democracy to Iraq must be seen as a success, otherwise (*gasp*) the political careers of dozens of people could die overnight.

And now we can add a further human cost to the maintenance of this narrative.

Time to start clapping for Tinkerbell again. Here’s something to put you in the mood.

UPDATE – How’s about that, then….

1. The government is to be credited for some limited action (at last) on the Iraqi employees front. More on this soon.

2. Anyway, getting back to that point about the precious, precious narrative….

Independent – Iraq: teachers told to rewrite history… MoD accused of sending propaganda to schools

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