Watch one plug into the other

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Matthew Norman – ‘This year’s Scam award goes to…’: Meanwhile, a shift in emphasis on this subject is noted in The Sun. Whenever the BBC is involved in an appalling abuse, such as the misnaming of the Blue Peter kitten, the paper has gone to town, yet on Friday it relegated the ITV scandal to page nine – and even then the report was slanted in A’n’D’s favour by focusing on how appalled they were, and how abused they feel, to discover this appalling abuse. So let’s state for the record that this was solely a matter of news judgement, and had nothing to do with a) Rupert Murdoch’s unending crusade against the BBC, and b) Mr Murdoch’s large (although soon, touch wood, to be reduced) stake in ITV.

Quite a few of us watched the most prominent right-wing weblogs websites having absolutely nothing to say about the drink-driving adventures of one of their own. Even most comments relating to the event have been censored. The authors of these weblogs websites even had the audacity to later chastise left-wing bloggers for not blogging every moment of Brown’s difficulties.

Meanwhile, over at The Sun, the Turn to Tories is complete.

While you’re mulling this over, also consider how many ‘news’ outlets granted Nadine Dorries a free ride this past week, even though she’s been spouting transparently misleading nonsense.

Between you and me, I think we’ve entered a new age of political bullshit.

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