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Work, work, work, work, work!

Sorry, folks.

Here you go… enjoy Rhetorically Speaking ripping Nadine Dorries’ ’20 reasons’ to shreds while you wait.

(5 quid says someone at CCHQ had Nads on a very tight leash until after recent elections.)


  1. Letters From A Tory says

    5 quid says she wasn't. Nadine does her own thing and is not owned or in any way controlled by the party.Your conspiracy theories are unfounded, sadly.

  2. Manic says

    Says you. You can't make a bet and simply declare yourself the winner. That's not the way it works.Now go away and write something new and interesting about drink drivers:

  3. Professor Paul says

    I'd have to say that there are lies,damn lies & Tory spin.Camoron actually looks like he might have a chance at getting into number Ten at the moment & he isn't going to risk the nutter element of the party causing him embarrasment.

  4. Letters From A Tory says

    What is with you lot?! You seem to think that Nadine Dorries is some kind of renegade MP, a total liability who is hell bent on the destruction of the Conservative Party and must therefore be silenced at all costs in order to keep us on track to win the next general election.Having met her a few times, I'm fairly confident that she is just an MP who works for her local residents, speaks her mind on issues that are important to her and doesn't tow the party line.

  5. Manic says

    What is it with you, LFAT, and why do you think 'us lot' care one iota how Nadine's behaviour might impact on the Conservatives? Are you getting as confused as Nadine? Is is contagious? And why haven't you written anything new and interesting about drink drivers as requested?(Psst! It's '*toe* the line'.)

  6. Professor Paul says

    LFAT;or may I be less formal & just call you Fat?I don't beleive there is a conspiracy.I just beleive that as the Tories now have Blair Mk2 (I wish you well with it,you tried Wilson Mk2 back in the seventies & that didn't work for you for longer than one term!{Ted Heath in case you forgot your own history,I know for most modern Tories there's nothing between Churchill & Maggie}).I just think she's the sort of dingbat which used to run around the Labour benches & which Blair liked to keep hidden away.A bit like Mr Rochester's first wife.Camoron won't want a loose cannon like that around when he feels he's near to getting Timpson's to cut him a new key for No 10.Shame they aren't likely to unlock Crewe for him though.

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