Where’s Wally Squad?

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Where's Wally SquadOK folks, it’s time to play an exciting new game called Where’s Wally Squad?

To play this game, all you need is a pair of sharp eyes, and the following information:

This Daily Mail article describes a person who is:

– Present at the anti-Bush demonstration in London on 15 June 2008

– In/near the front line(s) of protestors at the Whitehall barricade before the batons started swinging

– Tall, wearing a white t-shirt, carrying a black rucksack/backpack and “a professional-looking camera with a large telephoto lens”

– Screaming abuse at the police

It is alleged in the Daily Mail article that this person is also a policeman. And probably not an off-duty one.

Finding photos of this person or, ideally, video of him acting as described in this article is a tall order that probably won’t change more than a few minds, but with all those cameras around on the day I think it’s worth a shot.

I’ve browsed around Flickr and YouTube and Indymedia and the blogosphere. One possible match has come up and quickly been eliminated as a contender.

I think getting photographers to have a look through their unpublished photos and/or raw footage is the key here, not least because some of these people are quite likely to recognise other/regular demo photographers (i.e. those that are not undercover policemen sent in to mouth off and justify some good old-fashioned head-kicking).

So, if you’d like to play, go forth to places where such photos/videos are published and get browsing.

If you think you have a lead, or even if you hit a dead end, simply ask those who have captured promising images if they have any more and/or provide them with a link to this Daily Mail article and ask them if they saw the chap described.

Good luck!

I have a new possible match for you, and if anyone can provide any information either way, please speak up. (These are from some previously unpublished photos by Davide.)

UPDATE – Another one we can rule out by the looks of things, but now that Galloway is naming names (see Comments) the hunt should get a lot more interesting.

[Psst! Amusingly, because it was so crowded when our man was (reportedly) in action, the people most likely to have a clear frontal shot of him are… the police.]

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